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When:  Tuesday, December 6th from 5-9pm 
Where: Flatbread Company, 161 Cushing Street (off Thayer Street), Providence - MENU
How: Flatbread donates a percent of ALL Pizza sales (eaten in, delivered, or picked up for take-out) to the RIANP. We also will have raffle tickets available for purchase for 10 different raffle prizes. 
Why: Help the RI Association of Naturopathic Physicians raise money to support its legislative efforts to license naturopathic doctors in RI and make naturopathic medicine accessible to ALL Rhode Islanders

Raffle Prizes (Scroll down for more detailed descriptions of each prize.): 
  1. 21-day Detox Program created by Dr. Erica Lepore - $130 value
  2. 30-minute integrative medicine consult with Dr. John Straus - $120 value
  3. Three Bowen Community Clinics with Dr. Sheila Frodermann and Emily Deneault - $115 value
  4. 50-minute Holistic Psychotherapy & Stress Management Consultation - $100 value
  5. 45-minute Shiatsu Massage with Karlo Berger, LMT - $50 value
  6. Basket of 5 Herbal Skin Products made by Mary Claire Dilks, DAc - $64 value
  7. Bar Hill Honey-Distilled Vodka (80 proof, 750mL) from Jessyloo Rodriguez - $60
  8. 2 Urban Sweat Passes to Raffa Relaxation Center from RI Natural Awakenings Magazine - $40 value
  9. Gift Certificate from Like No Udder Vegan Ice Cream - $20 value
  10. African Violet Plant from Dr. Sheila Frodermann - The gift that keeps on giving


( 1 ) 21 Day Detoxification Program created by Dr. Erica LePore         -  $130 value 

Donated by Naturopathic Doctor Erica LePore, ND  

Website: www.21daydetoxplan.com

This raffle prize includes a  4 week self-guided detoxification program to improve health and vitality through  a restricted, yet nourishing, whole foods diet plus nutritional supplementation and herbs . This 21 day cleanse actively purifies your body by eliminating toxins, enhancing your body's natural cleansing process, and identifying potential  hidden  food allergies. Through the elimination and reintroduction of common food allergens, you will discover foods that may be interfering with your  optimum health. This detoxification program helps put you on  the right path for a healthier future.  


( 2 ) 30 Min. Integrative Care Consult w/ John Straus, ND, MD        -  $120 value   

Donated by John Straus, ND, MD at  Progressive Health

Address:  189 Governor St #202, Providence, RI 02906  – Phone: 401-455-1772

Website:  http://progressivehealthri.com/

This gift certificate includes a 30-minute integrative care consult with Dr. John Straus. 

He combines naturopathic healthcare with general medicine to achieve the best possible prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Combining both types of care allows 

for the least toxic  and invasive solutions in a safe medical setting.   


( 3 )     Three Bowen Community Clinic Treatments          -           $115 value

Donated by Dr. Sheila Frodermann and Bowen practitioner Emily Deneault

Clinics takes place at:  Providence Wholistic Healthcare,  144 Waterman Street, Suite #3, Pvd

Phone: 401-455-0546   - Website:   www.ProvidenceWholistic.com

Naturopathic doctor Sheila Frodermann and Bowen practitioner Emily Deneault practice a form of bodywork called the Bowen Technique.  This is a hands-on therapy that is applied using very gentle pressure. Dr. Sheila and Emily use thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform Bowen’s unique sets of rolling-type moves which stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of the body. Bowen Technique prompts the body to reset, repair, and balance itself and clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function, and recovery of energy. Bowen has effectively been used for acute conditions such as frozen shoulder, disc pain, strains and sprains as well as for chronic issues such as asthma, hay fever, stomach problems, urinary issues, and chronic pain.  Dr.  Sheila  and Emily offer bi-monthly  Saturday  and  Wednesday  Bowen Community 'Walk-in" clinics at Providence Wholistic, treating folks in 20-minute sessions with Bowenwork.    Sheila  M. Frodermann, MS, ND, DHANP, CCH is a naturopathic physician, homeopath, certified Bowenwork practitioner, and Associate Bowenwork Instructor with the American Bowen Academy.  Emily Deneault, BA, MLT/ASCP is a certified medical laboratory technician, and a certified Bowenwork practitioner at the American Bowen Academy.   


( 4 )  50-Minute Holistic Psychotherapy & Stress            -         $100 value

              Management Consultation         

Donated by Nikolai Blinow, MA, CAGS, LMHC, CYT 

Address:  Ompowerment Psychotherapy, 400 Reservoir Ave, Suite LL-O, Providence

Phone: 401-379-9998   –    Website: www.ompwermentpsych.com

During this 50-minute consultation, you will work one-on-one with holistic psychotherapist Nikolai Blinow to identify goals related to stress management and quality of life, and gain a basic understanding of coping skills and practices you can use to achieve these goals. Nikolai is a licensed mental health counselor and certified yoga instructor who provides integrative psychotherapy services to adults and adolescents. She founded her private practice, OMpowerment Psychotherapy with the goal of serving a unique niche in the mental health and personal development community: to integrate evidence-based, Westernized, mental health practices with holistic approaches to treatment. She does this by combining training in interpersonal communications, mental health counseling, yoga, motivational interviewing, and dialectical-behavioral therapy (a style of therapy that integrates Buddhist principles with Western approaches to behavior change).


( 5 ) Basket of 5 Locally Made Herbal Skin Products          -   $64 value

Donated & Made by Mary Claire Dilks, Doctor of Acupuncture  

Emerging Energy Acupuncture   14 Imperial Place #203 | Providence, RI 02903 

Phone: 401-228-8160 -  www.emergingenergy.net

<3  Reishi Lavender Body Lotion <3 

<3 Licorice Cream <3 

<3 Chinese Mint Itch Relief <3  

<3 Bath Salt with Herbs  <3 

<3 Chamomile-Fir Kids Chest Rub <3 


( 6 )  Bar Hill Honey-Distilled Vodka (80 proof, 750mL)      -   $60 value

Donated by Jessyloo Rodriguez, RI Brand Ambassador & Farming Herbalist

Made by Caledonia Spirits, a Craft Distillery in Hardwick, Vermont

Email contact:  Jessyloo@caledoniaspirits.comWebsite: http://caledoniaspirits.com/spirits/

Our relationship with the land and honey bees inspired and gave birth to this vodka. The soul of a beekeeper is filled with the rhythms that flow through the seasons, reflecting the changes in the flowers, rains, sun and all the forces that are a part of this beautiful mystery. Barr Hill Vodka is crafted from honey at our micro-distillery on the banks of the Lamoille River in Caledonia Country of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Honey is carefully fermented in small batches, then gently distilled in our custom stills. The spirit, which emerges, reflects the essence of the soil and flowers visited by the bees.


( 7 )  45 Minute Shiatsu Massage w/ Karlo Berger, LMT      -               $50 value

Donated by  Massage Therapist Karlo Berger of  Whole Health Solutions

Address: 144 Waterman Street, Providence, RI  02906

Phone: ( 401) 383-0661 Website: www.karloberger.com

Karlo Berger has been practicing massage therapy for over ten years.  Shiatsu is Japanese for "finger pressure".  This traditional healing art from Japan uses finger and palm pressure, stretches, and massage techniques to help balance and restore the body's life energy.  Receiving a shiatsu treatment can renew your vitality, relieve your pain and stress, and make you more rel axed, renewed, and whole.  


( 8 ) Two Urban Sweat Passes to Raffa Relaxation Center      -  $40 value

Donated by  RI Natural Awakenings Magazine                             

Address: Raffa Relaxation Center, 19 Sharpe Drive, Cranston, RI 

Phone: 401-463-3335   -  Website: www.raffayoga.com

Urban Sweat Options include the Himalayan Salt Grotto, Yellow Tumeric Room, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Black Charcoal Sauna, Urban Hamman Room, Oceanic Relaxation Room, and the Infrared Sauna Room.


  ( 9   Like No Udder Vegan Ice Cream Gift Certificate        -   $20 value

Donated by Karen Krinsky, Owner of  Like No Udder  

Address: 170 Ives Street, Providence, RI  –  Phone: 401-419-8869

Website: www.like-no-udder.com

Like No Udder is not only about making history (They run the world’s first all vegan soft serve ice cream truck, in addition to their store location).  They are also about serving delicious products that just happen to be free of all animal products.  This includes dairy, eggs, animal fats and honey.  Their mission is to bring smiles to peoples’ faces and serve the best possible dairy-free treats available.  They hope you have a chance to share in the joy that is vegan soft serve and frozen desserts.


  ( 10   ) African Violet Plant                              -     Gift that Keeps on Giving

Donated by Naturopathic Doctor Sheila Frodermann

Address:  Providence Wholistic Healthcare,  144 Waterman Street, Suite #3, Pvd

Phone: 401-455-0546   - Website:   www.ProvidenceWholistic.com


The RIANP’s Mission    To increase access to quality healthcare and forward the field of Naturopathic Medicine in the areas of public education, accessibility, and efforts toward licensing naturopathic doctors in Rhode Island.   


Naturopathic doctors (NDs)  are trained as general practice physicians and are experts in natural medicine, blending non-toxic natural therapies with current advancements in the studies of health and human systems while covering all aspects of family healthcare from prenatal to geriatrics.

   A Naturopathic Physicians Act  

What a licensure bill will do:    The legislation would require licensure for naturopathic doctors to practice in Rhode Island, by establishing educational and practice standards and a board to regulate the profession. There are U.S. 20 jurisdictions that currently license naturopathic doctors - 18 states, Washington D.C., and all the U.S. territories.

Why a licensure bill is needed:   Licensure ensures high quality naturopathic care in Rhode Island by protecting the consumer from unqualified practitioners who claim to be naturopathic doctors. Licensure will improve access to complementary medicine and promote business development because more qualified specialists in natural medicine will be encouraged to practice in Rhode Island.

For further information, please contact the RIANP at  RInaturopaths@gmail.com


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Volunteer.  Host a health talk.    Help us fundraise.

Email us at RInaturopaths@gmail.com

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