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Welcome to my website!!! I am hoping you find some great information here and that you are encouraged to use naturopathy and natural therapies in your life. 

Many of you who know me, know that I was born and raised in the Wyoming Valley. Growing up, I had wanted a career in medicine but was not sure that the conventional route was for me. I have always been interested in nutrition and thought this was how I would serve my community. 

However, finding a job at a local health food store allowed me to not only cement the idea that I wanted to work in health care but that I can do this in a way that I did not have to compromise what I believe to be a very effective form of medicine. 

This is when I found out that there are schools that teach primary care medicine with a philosophy that supported the body, mind and spirit, using education that medical doctors are taught but the focus on treatment included not only clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy, counseling, physical medicine but also the clinical diagnosis, standards of care and in certain states will provide the ability to use pharmaceuticals, if necessary. This was very exciting to me and so I applied to Naturopathic Medicine school at Bastyr University, just outside of Seattle. 

What a journey that was. I left PA in 1999 and my first two years finished my BS in nutrition. After that was another 4 years and in 2005, received my doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

Working in the health food, in such supportive environment and meeting so many wonderful people searching and trying to figure out how to optimize their health. I had long ago decided that I would return to PA. And I did, in the fall of 2005. Of course, I also had family here that supported this decision. 

I started my practice in 2006. Currently,I work out of one practice location on Pierce Street in Kingston. I feel very fortunate to be able to bring naturopathic medicine to the area and hope that this will be a small part of transforming health of the individuals seeking a better life through gaining health. 

I am also hoping that you feel naturopathy and access to naturopathic therapies are something you deserve. PA does not currently license naturopathic doctors (ND's). And I feel that for the safety of our community,  and other reasons, this needs to change. If you agree, please visit the PANP page link on the left. As naturopathic practitioners, it is very important for us to know that people who seek out and choose to use naturopathic medicine have that choice and more importantly, have access those trained in practicing safely. 

If you feel moved to support our effort towards licensing, please see the form below. You can find your local legislatures at the (about the PANP link on the left), scroll to the bottom. The click here link will take you the site where you can put in your zip code to help you know who to send the letter to. Also, we are asking that you send us a copy so we know how many of you are interested in having naturopathic medicine as an option for how your health is considered. You can also email the letter to me at HDeLucaND@mac.com and I will keep a copy on file. 

You can copy the letter below but it is much more effective if you use this as a guide and write the reasons you feel that naturopaths should be licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. This can be your experience, the options for treatments using clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, counseling, hydrotherapy, access to safe supplements, trained individuals that understand nutrient/nutrient and nutrient/drug interactions or to help increase your options in health care.

It really won't take much of your time and the benefits are great. 

Our current sponsor of this bill is Representative Mustio and co-sponsors include Representatives Maher, Bear, Killion, Cutler, Denlinger, Fleck, Freeman, Geist, Marshall, Mundy, Neuman and White.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance for your support.

Testimony in Support of HB1717

Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors in PA





Dear Chairperson Name and Members of the Subcommittee:


            I am writing in regard to HB1717.  As a proponent of Naturopathic Medicine, I firmly believe that Naturopathic Medicine is an integral part of a comprehensive healthcare system.  As a resident of Pennsylvania, it is important to me that Naturopathic Medicine become licensed so that my family, friends and myself have access to natural medicine provided by trained and qualified naturopathic physicians.  I strongly believe in the philosophy and practice of Naturopathic Medicine and believe that people have a freedom of choice, especially when it comes to healthcare.  The licensing of Naturopathic Medicine will allow the residents of Pennsylvania and nearby areas access to qualified, clinically trained naturopathic physicians just as the residents of sixteen other states and two territories that currently license naturopathic physicians.  With the progression of healthcare moving towards an alternative model, licensing of Naturopathic Medicine will be beneficial to the residents of Pennsylvania for the following reasons:


       Passage of HB1717 will improve the access to natural health care.  Naturopathic doctors will be able to practice to the full scope of their training in natural medicine.  Consumers will benefit from health promotion and disease prevention by use of natural therapies.  In addition to providing consumers with alternatives to conventional medicine, natural medicine is an important part of solving the nationís healthcare crisis.


       Licensing of naturopathic doctors will improve public safety.  Creating new standards will help consumers identify naturopathic doctors who have completed a four-year, graduate level medical school program, passed board exams and who meet federally recognized standards of education and professional accountability.


       Finally, the passing of HB1717 will ensure accountability.  Consumers deserve regulatory standards and oversight mechanisms for all primary care providers, including naturopathic doctors.


Please support HB1717 for the benefit of all residents of Pennsylvania and for the residents of neighboring states and areas.








Your name



Bio:Heather  DeLuca , ND


Heather DeLuca, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) specializes in natural medicine. Naturopathic medicine can help you address a wide variety of health problems using clinical nutrition, therapeutic diets, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, stress management, cranial sacral and more to help support health and reduce risks of disease. Prevention and health optimization are the hallmarks of naturopathic medicine.


Heather returned to her home in Northeastern PA in 2005 to offer her expertise in alternative and complementary medicine.  It is her passion to work with each person to design individual wellness programs and also to work with conventional healthcare practitioners providing co-treatment to patients who are already under care.


Heather DeLuca BS, ND holds a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the highly esteemed, Bastyr University in Seattle Washington, a world leader in naturopathic education, where she graduated in June of 2005.  She currently maintains a Washington medical license and is one of only thirty license eligible Naturopaths in Pennsylvania. She is an active member of The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Physicians where she is currently holding the position of vice-president.


Naturopathy is not regulated in the state of Pennsylvania. While she is a licensed primary care provider in the state of Washington, Heather DeLuca is not licensed as a physician in Pennsylvania. In this state, Ms. DeLuca functions as a healthcare counselor. Patients requiring a medical diagnosis should seek care elsewhere. Naturopathy is an excellent compliment to the care offered by your traditional physician. Naturopathic Wellness Center would be happy to work in conjunction with your physician to coordinate treatment recommendations.


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