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​into the secretary 's job . but God knows . do not know how to take care of such people . I always think the secretary is to take care of people . and ministered to people's work . , in the case of secretarial work done very makeshift . suddenly find themselves veryinterested in working for foreign trade . Factories are producing commodities . foreign trade is currently operating . 28 -year-old girl . my day . and . 28 -year-old single woman . , why call girl, because her head is relatively small, and thin, just look at his body and really like the girls had just graduated from school . I am saying that first day of work in 28 -year-old monarch was respected and feared that . he intended to test the . Jun sister . I heard you're . person doing foreign trade Oh, and CET it, really powerful oh . I saw that car and smiled . How ah .

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it is easy . and you can learn to do it, . this sentence to me the day after brought immense confidence . hey, bottom . and the original is . good contact of the Lord, the day after such . small woman like too little, not even wait for her, but always need . good relationship between colleagues of thing. So the next day, . began to secretly played with foreign trade . foreign trade is in fact at the time do not understand anything .Just think to sell things to foreigners . and more fun ... not to mention foreigners Well . they is not never seen before . when there are some university teacher ah so born calves are not afraid of the tiger . it is . four- time did not even start my English Zizi tireless road .... who wants to trade in foreign trade this road along the way, but came to the starting point, of course, this is something ... then the plant is still in its fledgling stages of foreign trade . and only one person in the operation Jun sister foreign trade, there is not much business is best done most foreign trade . with domestic and foreign trade company and . think the factory did people know that this business is in the factory accounted for . large part of it. Office of the many people, . naturally assigned to . computer, nothing else will one day open OUTLOOK, just open it received . lot of mail, it turned out that all the computer companies are broadband networking . that is in my Taiwan can also see all messages with guestscoming and going . this is because foreign trade has just started, so not perfect . . . spent . couple of days time to read between the king 's sister and guest messages, and that the company did Ali's English platform . that excited me the way . as if I've seen the prospects for foreign trade, foreign trade original case . and now want really pretend to understand . huh . . After reading the message . understand about, so . complained every day with the king sister . Jun sister . I'm so empty ah . every day of sitting in this wreck . Jun poor sister . sister -jun goodness . do not know which fraud, said: You can look at foreign trade . and then try to return . few emails . In total . so . took . few reluctant monarch sister returned mail, of course, is certainly the domestic foreign trade companies, the company also will not risk the time to show me the foreigners playing the point. In come and go . few rounds later, suddenly understand all these guests are not . few guests into hope . threw me playing it.But even so I'm still confident, grateful heart . My words will appear in . turning point in life . the day inquiry received . foreign trade company in Guangzhou . to purchase 35,000 plastic cups . to my offer. . looked at the other sent me pictures of some products really is my company . then . am happy to hurriedly asking price Jun sister, because . was not . salesman so simply do not know the price . Jun sister gave me . regular price . I'll reply to the guests . not long after the guests had . letter back is the price too high, he said, some manufacturers give him something lower than our price. So . went to ask the king sister . she said, if we lower the price she can not call the shots . and suggested that . go to the veterans get . little lower price. So . ran to find CEOs bobbing in his eyes that stare suspiciously for . few minutes . finally got an ideal price. . will soon be reported to the guests, and told her it was our best price . Sent out before long . they received . phone call saying . waslooking for . pick up guests that company is Guangzhou contact with me . Conversation, . discovered that they are purchasing the company's offices abroad . I babbling Xiakan blowing their products and quality . Development Department in exercise clothing company eloquence . , as if to impress her. The next day, she called to say . what their company executives MICHAEL foreigner called intend to Ningbo in the day after tomorrow . if possible, let us go to Ningbo to sign the contract. The implication of this list on almost 35,000 . My mind ecstasy . calm down . I began to consider why you want to go to the third city contract it? . few days ago said Tuesday they think the king had now living to be . liar . especially one that allows you to go to the city where they contract the company . almost all false . in order to cheat on your meals and come toll . at the time do not know, seniors say what is what . . With . restless heart CEOs ran the office . explain the situation to him . and to all the information hegave . what other foreigners last name called, there are . few people to talk about good packaging conditions . the price, payment terms . etc. etc. .... eagerly waiting . full of joy that he would take me to sign this contract . and he asked some of the conditions after the Qing said: Yes, . will go . cautiously asked the sentence: boss but you do not know how to do it in English . results After three days . the boss early start . go to Ningbo . and . waited in uneasy company . and later received . phone call asking him to play back what the packaging . I say strange, I'm not . to your information clearly written on the box right so he shouted . Yeah . he took . foreign trade company of friends travel together . and then when the contract was made egg cell packaging, foreigners picked up on the big contract called . was talking about when he said good price box . and how they became the egg cell . because the egg cell with . box of the price difference USD 0.03-0.04, so foreigners are Chinese people wouldfeel cheated . afterwards my boss came back to tell me that . foreigner was not the standard in Chinese sentence: What egg cell egg cell .... this sentence makes his impressive because he did not understand English . do not know if he 's . friend of that trade how to talk with foreigners . in short phrase later . understood that he was the cause of the failure analysis . the same boss also analyzed the reasons . have summarized as follows . 1 boss not optimistic about the information on starting negotiations . the biggest . turnovers . boss should not go with . peer . even friends, there may be the counterparts to poach it . until now we have this question . 3 . whether the guests had no intention of it, but this may of small foreign companies with counterparts because the boss saw this foreigner . the foreign trade company that . friend told the boss that this is . big customer . then how would . contract if there is no intention of it ... because of . mistake as to why packing things canceled the contract, we are indeed very difficult to understand .... this is my first contract deal soon . the boss made ​​a deep remorse . saying that if it is not his fault . the contract has been long ago signed down, and after the company announced that if any employee guilty of such errors should be severely punished ... after the last event . the boss suddenly realized that my business talent, then told me that you can try to start doing business, if your English is good enough to say. get this indication in the first month . joined the company .

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I used my ability to adapt to . strong start to switch from Chinese to English industry ... until it was truly exposed to foreign trade . realized that there is the first time such an elephant guests how difficult it is . and . was lucky to let the company the first month . contacted the foreign trade, exposed to the guests . began sweeping dry up . the first is their English, . have read all the messages and books . I almost know some about professional Englishwords . more or accumulated by later followed by product knowledge . I started to shop around, dealing with the production department . two months . did not find out about the expertise of the product, because our products are actually very simple thing and another . the factory does not like to be exposed to different foreign trade companies, products . plant products are very single Maybe my luck is better, . did not cost nothing to start . career in foreign trade factory to do most of the foreign trade of the list . for me, is more dynamic, because in any case . communication is not difficult . the same commission to take . why not? gone on to the end of September . there is . well-known local exhibition . in fact, at that time . was not very price of the product can remember . only to get . price quote on that table . the boss is good, so . went to the king and sister both exhibitors . and more than another person would have the office . we were also doing business in that . I met . large guest.exhibition in September relevant domestic industry still has . certain reputation . but has almost no foreigners . few have met the same as seen treasure . exhibition on the first day . sat in the booth hung . card when the heart indescribably happy AIDS . . they gradually come some people, . lot of people . a lot of people asking about the price . but not many people really have the intention of the exhibition there three days . the next day . the arrival of . guest, chubby . gave . business card, . saw what the U.S. company's offices . at the time . did not know soon join this company . he said the company's LOGO seen me do my silly answer . ? no . he seems . little angry . and said . No heard does not matter where you go you ask any one carton factory and see how much they year our company LOGO to be printed cartons . you know how much my market . I cry . Goodfellas . the tone is not small ah. If it is not . big blow in respect of the guests and . a little nervous quoted prices of some products . he askedthe plant's address . said he would look in . few days to visit after the end of the exhibition. after the exhibition . their co-workers come, fat guests did not come . and later learned that he was in Asia Steward . their colleagues to the company in which two products . and required by the colored proofing, Isshiki three samples, together have . lot of samples . of course, they did not give the sample fee . then . do not know the size of their company . later learned that . in terms of their local purchases of this product is quite large even proofing annoying . and after . few days . or at the address to send them over. later has been no news . I have no mind of how until after the completion of the sample to send . third four weeks . my colleagues call their company to confirm the price . said it might soon have orders . they have sent the samples the United States, and put the on the 2004 sample. actually, this quote is relative to the other guests regarded as high . and the price was good news becausethere is no change . Soon after, their orders came, look down the list of one of the two large cabinets so . am very excited. began research contracts . to confirm the contract . delivery confirmation . the next is waiting for . deposit . Having said that, I'm going to suggested . number of foreign counterparts . some guests may take . variety of samples to be bored . but he is not necessarily . big customer . Additionally do not identified because no messages on the end . probably when they'll give you an order . signing up contract in respect of the production . and . thought . could relax, it is not true . the quality of their products is extremely strict requirements of the company . so they can not counter-offer . which is directly proportional to the quality and price . TOEFL 630 points Tsinghua vegetable workers HUBER said: insist on when you think you can not stick to insist on it, then it will succeed .. . insist . I insist that deal with guests . T . T guests dragged . L . C drag the two schedules,we bear all the costs of change card . no longer take orders, unless the guests agreed that the long delivery time. arrived at the end of August, my guests in . written notice of Israel . will come to China in the past few days and come to our factory . I was some apprehension . fear is . reminder to the bar . this time visiting Hong Kong more than . guest, he was afraid of what is not clear enough . and more brought . lobbyist we reaffirmed delivery of the end of September . another gave me . product . ask whether we can produce . minimum order quantity of 5W, this spirit . was very moved . some foreigners will tell you first, twelve are two . we agree with the mold for his product . and agrees within 20 days to give him the finished product. Unfortunately until the Fair . I still did not give him the finished production . of course, is the owner of mistakes, he repeatedly delaying me another dilemma . we still had . timetable drag the end of September . resulting in increased shipping costs for guests ,desperation which we agreed to indemnify losses this way, . lost to two of the bad faith of this area's largest buyers of promotional items . .

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